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The Mons Calpe Sports Club was established in 2013 in the same year of the Gibraltar Football Association’s admission as a member of the UEFA. After a first impressive season for a new team, against all predictions, Mons Calpe were runners-up in the second division of the league being one step away from being directly promoted to the first division.


During this season, Mons Calpe played in the second division of the Gibraltar league, competing against their rivals to achieve promotion to the first division. It was a season of adjustments and learning.


In this season the club participated well, obtaining second place again with 17 victories 2 draws and only 3 defeats; in the season the club scored 82 goals and only conceded 12 goals against, which ended up with Mons Calpe having the best goal difference of the entire tournament. The Playoff for Promotion to the first division was played on May 31, 2016, at the Victoria Stadium in Gibraltar, and in that match, Mons Calpe won 2-1 against Britannia XI FC. Mons Calpe had that afternoon achieved promotion to the Gibraltar Premier League first division.


In August 2016, RSG Group based in Miami, acquired the majority of the club, and from that moment there was a change for Mons Calpe and the same for the other clubs in the league in Gibraltar, with sustained growth in football development, the professionalization of many areas of work, but mainly in the professional training of the local players to enable them to be in a position to represent Gibraltar in the Absolute National Team.
The investment was oriented in adapting soccer professionals in a young league with an immense future to train in all football aspects.

It also shows the mindset and ambition of RSG in making the Mons Calpe a club that competes on a large scale, through the first international friendly match in Portugal against the first division Portuguese football league team Boa Vista F.C., on September 2, 2016, a day after attending the historic international friendly between the national teams of Gibraltar and Portugal (at that time champion of the Euro Cup 2016) at the Da Luz Stadium in the city of Porto, Portugal.

Mons Calpe finished in 5th position of the table at the end of the tournament; showing positive results in what would translate later as to become one of the most important clubs in Gibraltar. With a base of important footballers, adding to the local youth who were already participating internationally in the Under 21 team of Gibraltar.


Continuing with the formation process, the first team carries out the preseason in Barcelona, strengthening the group and integrating young local players for their training. The first part of the season was one of continuity of competition, alternating results. From there, a sustained growth in all football areas begun, and culminating with qualification for the Rock Cup final against the Europa F.C (League champion). The result was 2-1 for Europa in a controversial match between injuries and red cards against Mons Calpe, having finished with 9 players on the pitch. But By then the message was clear in Gibraltar, Mons Calpe already knew the way to get to UEFA.

Nothing was going to stop this growth anymore, Mons Calpe achieved immediate results having players prepared for the Gibraltar National Team, including the 2 most important scorers in the league and laying a foundation for the 2018/2019 season.

The project grew. Recruitment of new players was part of the engineering of a competitive team with experienced players coming from first division teams of other countries. From this season, the Club has always remained in the first 4 positions of the general table of Gibraltar’s first national men’s league, becoming one of the most difficult teams to play against.


Mons Calpe once again reached the semi-final of the Rock Cup in the season, and the fourth place in the league table. As a result of the rigorous training, Mons Calpe became the first champion of the First “Intermediary League Cup”. A development league of the Gibraltar Football Association, where the under 23 players of the teams compete. This said championship being the result of the intense player training process that Mons Calpe had implemented.


In this season, Mons Calpe returned to the Rock Cup semi-final, to reach a coveted participation in the Europa League. However, due to the COVID19 pandemic, the league and the cup were abruptly terminated and suddenly left the participation of Mons Calpe pending to join the Europa League, finishing the club again in the 4th position in the league table.


Mons Calpe S.C. again finished as the 4th place team in the Gibraltar National League Table and achieved entry into the UEFA Conference League, having advanced to the 1st round before being eliminated by Santa Coloma from Andorra.


Mons Calpe S.C. ended in 5th place in the Table, and was once again a serious contender to reach the UEFA competitions.

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