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Mons Calpe SC Code of conduct for players

Travelling to away games and tournaments should be both safe and fun. Part of this means being clear about what behaviour is expected. By agreeing to take part in Mons Calpe SC, it is important that you understand and agree that: 

The accompanying adults are responsible for my safety and welfare from the time I leave the care of my parents until I return home.

I must follow the instructions and advice of the accompanying adults at all times.

If, for some reason, I do not want to follow the team or group, I will ask the accompanying adults for permission and explain my whereabouts.

Accommodation is shared and whom I will share with will be agreed in advance. I will not sleep in any other room without permission.  I will be on time for all meetings and activities.

I will follow the rules intended for my own safety, including:
• no alcohol consumption
• no drug consumption
• no smoking in the rooms or at any other time

I will tell the accompanying adults if there is anything that is bothering me or if I have any concerns about my safety or that of another child.

I will tell the accompanying adults if there is anything I need so that I can take part in the event.

I will respect and help other children participate fully by being a role model for goodsportsmanship. I will lead by example, which includes not drinking alcohol, taking drugs or using foul, racist, homophobic or other discriminatory language.

I will respect the rights, dignity and worth of every participant, and others involved, and never engage in verbal, physical or sexually provocative gestures or language. I will not hit or otherwise physically assault anyone taking part in the event or act in any way that could shame, humiliate, belittle or degrade other children, or might be considered bullying.
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